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HDR Technology in our virtual tours is one of the features that makes us different from our competition. Companies rarely use HDR when providing their photography services because the process of achieving good quality HDR is often difficult and time consuming.

The acronym HDR comes from the words High Dynamic Range. In a photo, dynamic range means the difference between the lightest and the darkest color value. In other words, dynamic range means the contrast of a photo.

Let's imagine a situation where one photographs (without a flash) a high contrast scene of a dark room with windows during a sunny day. Typically there is a problem in the result. Either the window is blown out that means overexposed, or the room is too dark - under exposed. Our eyes can register details in both the room and the window clearly. This problem intensifies even more if we take in consideration that 360 panoramic view needs to be lit equally. Normal digital camera isn't able to see as high contrast as a human eye is. In other words a digital camera isn't able to capture as high dynamic range as a human eye is able to see.

To avoid this problem we use the camera bracketing features and take the same shot several times, depending on lighting conditions. We then blend the shots together with specialised software which will mix the exposures and simulate the true colors and details our eyes can see.


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"360VR Virtual Tours offer an exceptional service. The tour they did for the 2009 Fáilte Ireland Dublin Horse Show was innovative, professional, delivered efficiently and far exceeded our expectations"


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