Why should you invest
in 360º virtual tours or 360º product photography

// Engage Visitors

In the age of social media and viral marketing, where consumer experience is the most valuable thing, it’s hard to find a more engaging way of presenting your place to the customer. People enjoy taking virtual tours; it gives them the confidence to make a booking either online or by telephone.

// Retention

Increases visitor retention or 'stickiness'. Research has proven that if a customer stays on a website for a longer period, they are more likely to make a purchase decision. Lingering time on the website with a virtual tour is five times longer compared to a site without it.

// Revenues Increase

Research conducted for Radisson Hotels [Carlson Group (2003)] showed that hotels with a virtual tour achieved on average 135% increase in online revenue over those without a virtual tour.
Source: www.carlson.com / See the Case Study here >

// Motivation

Virtual Tours, by showing you in the best possible way, become a very powerful sales and marketing tools. Several researches show that it increases visitor confidence and gives them a motivation to make a purchase decision.

// Fast ROI

The estimated Return on Investment for hotel virtual tours is less than 4 weeks. Source: www.carlson.com / See the Case Study here >

// Differentiate

75% of surveyed clients visited 3-4 Hotel websites before making their booking.
If your hotel stands out from the rest, which one would  they remember and be most likely to book?

Virtual tour can be easily incorporated into listings in hotel directories. Simple text link to the virtual tour will be enough to redirect the user to the interactive presentation of your facilities. It's a great method of helping to be remembered by users.

// Effectiveness

Rich media or virtual tours can generate 46% more sales (bookings) than still images.

// Customer Satisfaction

According to research by DoubleClick (Google Ad Platform), 57% of leisure travellers and 46% of business travellers called virtual tours on a website "a very desirable feature".
Source: www.m-travel.com

// Offline Tool

Virtual tours can be used for your offline marketing needs. You can create a CD/DVD presentation of your place and provide to major clients and sales staff for laptop and digital projection presentations.


// what our clients say

"360VR Virtual Tours offer an exceptional service. The tour they did for the 2009 Fáilte Ireland Dublin Horse Show was innovative, professional, delivered efficiently and far exceeded our expectations"


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