Why should you choose us?
Let us give you few reasons...

// Highest Resolutions in Ireland

After creating a standard 18 Mega Pixelsin Ireland 2 years ago, we have just introduced a
32 Mega Pixels couple of weeks ago. This is highest in Ireland and we are working to bring you more!

// Custom Interaface Design (FREE & NEW!)

A lot of our customers asked us about it, we listen to our clients so we decided to introduce this new service! Virtual tour will be designed to blend and compliment your branding as standard. Most of our competitors can’t deliver this as they are limited by the off-the-shelf software they use. Now we can incirporate your colours, graphics and other elments in our tours. Talk to us we will explain you all the details.

// Optimised for Fast Loading - Dedicated Servers

High Resolution images used in our virtual tours require use of special optimising techniques and fast servers, that's why your virtual tour will be hosted on dedicated server so you can sure it will not get down or slow during peak hours.

// Instant Interactivity - No Loading Screen

To improve user experience we have changed interface models. Now, our tours appear immediately on the screen and load in the background, this technology helps you to keep visitors on the site. It's proven that loading screen that lasts more than 30s can make over 50% of internet visitors to click away.

// HDR Technology

We are one of very few companies using labour intensive High Dynamic Range workflow to overcome limitations of digital photography. This technique allows us to display up to 3 times more detail than traditional techniques. This means no more overexposed "blown out" windows. Your visitors will be able to see not only room interiors but also view from the windows. Read more about HDR Photography here >

// Free Lifetime Hosting - Fast Servers

We use dedicated fast servers to load your virtual tour quickly and you will get it for lifetime free of charge.

// Advanced Analytics

We know how important it is for you to measure effectiveness,that’s why we implemented analytics tracking to each of our tour. We will also provide you with monthly or quarterly reports so you can see how your investment performs.

// No Travel Charges

We do not charge travel fees for projects - NATIONWIDE! !

// Flash Format - No Other Plugins

We produce our tours using the latest high end software. The output of our tours is FLASH, as 99% of the internet users can view this format without having to download extra software (or plugins). Be wary of other platforms such as Quicktime and Java, it
is dated and will not allow you to have the same level of details and interactivity as our tours do.

// 360º x 180º Viewing

Unlike some Virtual Tour providers we deliver tours with full 360º by 180º degree viewing, which means you can view both fully up and fully down.

// Fully Interactive Presentation

We can include still images, floor-plans or maps, descriptions and voice over in your tour. This will create a powerful, engaging and fully interactive presentation of your premises. To find out more about intaractive elements your tour can have go to Virtual Tour FAQ

// Simple Price System

With our simple price system you will know the exact cost of our service before the work starts without any surprises at the end.

// White Label Service for Web Developers

We don’t know of any other high end virtual tour provider who offers this. We can produce great looking virtual tours, under your brand. Please contact us for details.

// Not Only VR Photographers

With our experience in social media, online marketing and graphic design we understand the whole spectrum of your marketing needs.

// We are all about 360...

Our involvement in VR Community and the fact that 360 degree photography is our main line of business helps us to keep pace with constantly evolving technology; it allows us to continuously improve quality of provided Virtual Tours and 360 Degree Product Photography.


// what our clients say

"360VR Virtual Tours offer an exceptional service. The tour they did for the 2009 Fáilte Ireland Dublin Horse Show was innovative, professional, delivered efficiently and far exceeded our expectations"


// Connect with us

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